What is your favorite movie?

Anything inspired by true events! I could always use a good cry!

When did you decide to make "hair" your career?

I decided to try out cosmetology school ​because I didn't feel ready for college, and I ended up graduating at the top of my class! I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed doing hair and have been doing it ever since! I can't wait to become an Aveda mentor!

What is your best hair stylist moment?

My best hair stylist moment was teaching the level 2 students before graduation about corrective color and seeing them grow as students and future stylist! Teaching is my passion; anywhere I can be learning and teaching, that's where I love to be!

Who is your celebrity hair "crush"?

That's a good question...

What is your favorite hair trend?

Babylights (sun kissed highlights) and Shadow Root Highlights

What is the hair color service(s) you love to perform most?

Anything to enhance your natural look! Highlights are my all time favorite thing to do!

Best Hair Advice For Your Clients:

Don't be afraid to speak up! The most important part of your service is the consultation (before, during, and after)! We, as stylist, are here to help you achieve your best look!