What is your favorite movie?

Pretty Woman - I love Julia Roberts character Vivian - she knows what she wants and doesn't settle!

What is your best hair stylist moment?

I'm not a hairstylist, but I love to connect with people. We have an amazing group of client with a diverse background. I have had the pleasure of speaking to engineers, book writers, nurses, teachers, mothers, recent high school and college graduates, doctors, retired military, fathers, grandparents, etc. I value our clients and the feedback they provide, so we can continuously make improvements to our salon experience.

Who is your celebrity hair "crush"?

My daughter will tell you Jennifer Anniston without a doubt

What is your favorite hair trend?

I love the demi-bob (long bob), it is classic and works for any age

Best Hair Advice For Your Clients:

The consultation process with your stylist is critical to getting your hair cut and/or colored the way your want it. Spend the time up front explaining what you are wanting to achieve. Bring a picture if that helps and don't be shy!