What is your favorite movie?

Maleficent - Angelina killed the role!

When did you decide to make "hair" your career?

When I was 8 years old, I got my first Bratz Style Doll head and have been passionate every since!

What is your best hair stylist moment?

(Not hair related but...) I did make-up for a woman's 50th wedding anniversary and she told me she hasn't felt this beautiful in years! It made me cry knowing how happy she was!

Who is your celebrity hair "crush"?

Lisa Bonet - I love how she is always changing her style!

What is your favorite hair trend?

Messy Beach Waves

What is the hair color service(s) you love to perform most?

Balayage with Babylights

Best Hair Advice For Your Clients:

Don't be afraid of being different - GO BOLD!