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Brows   15+
Arms (half or full)  40+
Legs (half or full)   70+
Back   40+
Stomach  30+
Armpit   45+

Long Lashes
Full Set:
Classic - 100+
Volume - 135 +

Weekly Refill - 35+

Refill (2 weeks)
Classic - 45+
Volume - 55+

Refill (3 weeks)
Classic - 50+
Volume - 60+

Eyebrow treatment
Lash Lift only - 65
Lash Tint Only - 25
Lift and Tint - 85
Brow Lamination - 65
Brow Tint - 15

Lashes Treatments:

  1. Eyelash Extensions: This treatment involves attaching individual synthetic lashes onto your natural lashes to increase their length and volume. The extensions typically last 2-3 weeks before needing a fill, depending on your natural lash cycle and how well you take care of them.

  2. Lash Lifting: This is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. It's ideal for those who want a low-maintenance way to make their natural lashes look longer and more curled. Results typically last 6-8 weeks.

  3. Lash Tinting: This treatment involves dyeing your lashes to make them look darker and more noticeable. It's especially beneficial for people with naturally light-colored lashes. Results usually last around 4-6 weeks.

Remember to always go to a certified professional for these treatments to ensure your safety and the quality of the service.


Waxing is a method of hair removal that removes the hair from the root. It can be performed on almost any part of the body including the face, legs, arms, back, abdomen, and bikini area. Here are some important points:

  1. Preparation: Exfoliate your skin a day or two before your appointment to remove dead skin cells and allow a smoother waxing experience. Your hair should be at least 1/4 inch long for the wax to grip properly.

  2. Process: Warm wax is spread over the desired area, and a strip of cloth or paper is pressed on top of it. This is then quickly ripped off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

  3. Post-Wax Care: Keep the area clean and avoid heat (like hot baths or saunas) and intense workouts for at least 24 hours after waxing to reduce the risk of irritation or ingrown hairs. Exfoliate lightly and moisturize regularly after this period.

  4. Frequency: Waxing usually lasts between 3-6 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle.

Consult a professional before getting these treatments if you have any specific health concerns, allergies, or skin conditions.

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